Cancer man dating a virgo woman

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So while the Cancerian guy will ensure on their anniversary that he buys just the kind of flowers his partner likes, she in return will take great pains to rustle up his favorite dinner.

Best of all both will be content to spend their special evening in each other’s company instead of having a huge celebration at a nightclub or a resort.

Even though it might take some wooing on the part of the male Crab to encourage the Virgin to let down her defenses, once she does so, he will be loved and served with a generous heart.

This is because both the signs are extremely caring and in fact one of their greatest pleasures is to be of service to someone, especially their loved ones.

As per the compatibility between Cancer male and a Virgo woman, they share the same traits and are highly compatible.

They respect each other and love immensely which works well for both of them.

Cancer men are sensitive which might not work wonders for a Virgo woman as she cannot stand things which make no sense at all.

Cancer male can be unreasonable sometimes and may hide in their shells suddenly which may leave the Virgo female confused.

Astrologically speaking, it is a wonderful combination which can be as beautiful as heaven on earth and can go strong for a lifetime.

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