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You can even just provide hints and clues, like writing, “something to keep me warm when I get out of bed” to hint that you want a fluffy robe.Age Gap Dating Disaster #3: Work Parties Another one of the more common May-December relationship issues we see around the holidays is bringing each other to your work parties, especially if the relationship is still new.Maybe one family gets Christmas Eve and the other gets Christmas day.

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Age Gap Dating Disaster #1: The Family You both probably want to spend Christmas with your own family, which is totally understandable, but at some point, that’s likely going to lead to one of the most common May-December relationship issues around the holidays: whose family takes priority.Aileen can take anything ordinary and make it extra-ordinary. It is filled with fun things to add to any holiday season!This list features everything from going sledding to using your favorite candy to decorate gingerbread houses. Every holiday season, my husband and I have a list of things we love to do!The oh-so amazing Aileen from Lil’ Buckaroo Designs created the darling printable, “Holiday Bucket List” using our list. Print this quick and easy holiday bucket list for you and your spouse!

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