Enema chat 2013

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My wife, Beth, has been giving me an enema every other morning.

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what do other people like to do while holding an ene.me? Love the feel of the pushing and the pulling of the large, hard plastic nozzle in me. but the one nagging me the most right now is enemas. An EP friend of mine talked about the joy ,and necessity,of enemas.

I found myself home and alone for several hours, the room mates were at work.

SO I decided to endulge in an enema, well several exactly.

And this time I decided to take the largest one I have ever taken, a full 1 gallon of warm water. John glanced at the white van that was parked in front of his residence, but was too tired from his trip to really worry about it. He opened the door and lugged his suitcases inside.

While he stood debating whether to take them to the bedroom and...

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