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Women sports writers deal with a lot of chauvinistic [bleep] for daring to work, and in many cases excel, in what used to be a male-dominated profession.

I have known and learned from many female colleagues over the years, from Christine Brennan to Linda Robertson, Michelle Kaufman and Susan Miller Degnan.

It is one thing for that garbage to come in a degrading, anonymous email or other cowardly rant. It certainly should not be coming from the very athletes they cover, least of all a star quarterback who is the face of the franchise and fans he just embarrassed.

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“No matter how much you achieve, there is always another one of them (male reporters) coming over the hill,” Howard says of how vulnerable female sports reporters can feel about their jobs.

I think he should wear some women's clothing." Yeah, hold your breath on that one.

After Cam Newton’s snickering response to a question by Charlotte Observer Panthers reporter Jourdan Rodrigue on Wednesday, I reached out to a former colleague to get some perspective.

My experience has been that women sports writers tend to be diligent and professional to the extreme, out-working their male counterparts because they are put in a position to have to earn the respect of athletes that may be more freely given to men.

Most all of the women sports writers I know can tell you stories about the vulgar, sexist garbage they see directed at them that males do not.

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