How to handle a player dating accounting transaction for liquidating partnership

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women say there is no such thing like a real man…but the truth is there r still many real men…ts only that no man is real until he is ready to grow up and done playing games.

A real man is the best gift any woman could get n life.

He will refuse to function when you are down and be on top of the world when you are happy.

He will love whatever concerns you and connected to there’s conflict he will never raise either his voice or his hands. - They usually don't pick or answer their phone in the presence of their current partner.- They usually do not like PDA, or may blow hot and cold depending on who's looking.

No woman can win a game with a player apart from material women who never dates for love.

Whoever refused to stop or leave this stage of his life is a called a PLAYER.

A player tells you what U want to hear and show U what u love to see to make U belief he’s real and then put ur life on hold…A player can make any woman develop a heart attack.

No woman can stop a player from playing games until he decides to stop.

He will rather play video games or hang out with his home boys rather helping his kids with their home works.

When a grown woman marries or dates a boy she automatically becomes a will change from a peaceful matured woman to a nagging young girl and people will think she has gone insane its because she is dating or got married to a teenager.

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