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After two years, the family then went on a road trip looking for a variety of ski towns and finally settled in Sun Valley, Idaho, where Genevieve considers home... When a young punk rock band starts out in the underground music scene, the only thing they have is each other.

But when a childhood friend - with complicated connections to the group - leverages her P. skills to get them noticed, they suddenly find themselves on the verge of making it big.

and then he just bangs his head into Gen because he gets so excited he can’t do anything, and it’s the cutest – it really melts me.” “Do I like them [Nicole and Gen]? I mean, Genevieve and Nicole, Oh My God, I mean they’re beautiful girls you know what I mean so it’s not hard to be attracted to them at all.

But I mean, when you have a crew around and stuff like that and you have a bedroom scene and you have those kind of things, sometimes it can be embarrassing but the great thing about the cast, especially, you know Gen, we have a great personality.

And, she’s so dedicated and driven to really work on her part and make sure it’s whole. We been in a string of cool indie film festivals.” -Lee Madsen [Director] “Cortese is a very pretty and sexy young woman who can also act.

I’d venture to guess; she too, is a music lover and may have been to more than her fair share of gigs.” -Charkinzie Jared was looking quite dapper, though he credited Gen – who is now helping him buy his clothes (Thanks for this one, Gen!

Padalecki makes Veronica someone you want to see on screen and her scenes with Chris Riggi and John Doe are some of the best in the film.” -Samantha Myers “Of course, there’s much more to it than that.

Veronica, played by Genevieve (Cortese) Padalecki, is intelligent, energetic, curious and adventurous – and in addition to being a believer in The Enemies of Jaromir’s music – she’s doing the band’s PR and acting as their manager.

When you work with someone who’s talented and who knows what they’re doing and can play the mental tennis game, it makes your job much easier. And, she’s an amazing woman who opens herself up, so that you can play that game. With all the males falling for her, and her falling for the horse; it looks like the show will keep the romance factor center stage.” -Jackie K.

It’s hard when you have an actor who doesn’t open themselves up, emotionally. There’s a lot of jokes and a lot of laughing, but we get the job done. Cooper [Rockdale Citizen] “The number one reason for the popularity of this show is Genevieve Cortese.

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