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We are continuing our tour of SEC football tailgates with The Home Loan Expert and this past week the crew was in Aggieland for South Carolina at Texas A&M and this was the result: One other bit of news, I will be doing a live Outkick Show at Zanies on Thursday night at .There aren’t many tickets left so go ahead and buy these tickets so we’re officially sold out and I don’t have to link this any more times.He, of course freaks out, deletes the person, tries to hide the post from his wall, and get this, is messaged by a random dude asking for money or his dick is going to be all over the internet.I talk him down, telling him how there has got to be thousands of hot dogs on the internet, his being another is no biggie, and it blows over.The questions posed to you following this are, one) how often do you think guys shell out cash for this?I imagine the guy who asks for the ransom has had some success in the past.If you need a mortgage, are shopping for a new home and want to prequalify, or have a mortgage rate in the 4’s or higher you need to refi with them.Plus, you get a free Outkick VIP membership for the year if you get your mortgage with them.

By the way, how awesome is this graphic from the Sunday New York Times.I mean, 100% without a shadow of a doubt go to prison.This is extortion and it’s probably occurring across state lines which would make it a federal offense.”My first thought when I heard this was how is every athlete in America not falling for this and getting scammed?Think of the number of smoking hot chicks trying to bang them on Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Twitter every day.

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