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These two represent Ives, a man and a woman, insist that it is for real.I am being encouraged to contact to collect my "lucky prize before they will have to give it to somebody else." I am strongly considering on contacting them to investigate if it's a genuine prize I deserve for being a "lucky Facebook user." Other than call this woman, whom I am encouraged by the man she is really "authorized to present me with ,000 to be deposited directly into [my] account," how can I determine the the validity of this offer?I email Bank of England and the told me I being scammed.I called the police, the said the cannot do anything coz I didn't give them any money.

Zuckerberg, founder of Facebook, has set aside ,000 for me.

Where do we go and get help when this happen in protecting the consumer in to filing for a monetary claims.

I got scamed by optionsxo for 15000 pound they create a ficticious site like you are trading with your money they add money to your account and tell you u cant withdraw till you have deposited more money.

I need to opened a bank account for 0.00 or more in Bank of England that way the can deposit my inheritance.

I told them, don't make any sense at all why do I need to put money if I have money coming in.

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