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Ashland says it's illegal for anyone older than 8 to "intentionally expose his or her genitalia while in an exterior public place." In Happy Valley you can't expose your genitals in public "if the exposure reasonably would be expected to alarm or annoy another person." Portland and Eugene use almost the exact same language, banning nudity in a public place "open or available to persons of the opposite sex." This runs contrary to popular belief in Portland, where the courts have only made exceptions for nudity during protests (see: naked cycling and the nude airport protester).

Counties can also establish bans of their own, but it's extremely rare in Oregon (Lane County's detailed ban is the glaring exception).

Even so, no one has been disciplined for overlooking the reports about Magaña and Lara, though that is under review.

He attacked them in dark alleys, public bathrooms and his patrol car, silencing them with the threat of arrest.You can read all the details below (which tell you in which forests to hike nude and in which cities to stay clothed), but the bottom line is this: If you're in a secluded place, and there's nobody around who minds, you'll find little resistance to your being naked in the open.Be safe, be responsible and be respectful to people who might be offended.Additionally, most state parks and federal lands operate under rules of their own.So while the state law technically applies everywhere, it really only applies in places that don't have other, more strict policies in place.

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