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And a lot of people, when they looked at this case, said, "Why didn't she immediately report it?" AMANDA: Of course you're not going to believe what happened, you know, when you think that they're your bros, you know, your friends. I was like, um, "I have to tell you something." And I told her, "I need your support to help me because I don't know how to feel right now." ANGIE WALKER: Sometimes our victims don't feel comfortable, so I'll go see the victim.AMANDA, SEXUAL ASSAULT SURVIVOR, ONEIDA TRIBE OF WISCONSIN: We were taking turns, like, slamming the bottle, you know, see how much we can drink. ANGIE WALKER, VICTIM WITNESS COORDINATOR, WINNEBAGO TRIBAL COURT, WINNEBAGO TRIBE OF NEBRASKA: Being such a small community, it's not easy for our victims to come forward, having to share their story in front of everybody.

GORDON RAVE, PATROL OFFICER, BIA, WINNEBAGO TRIBE OF NEBRASKA: This female called and wanted to see an officer.JILL FINKEN: There were a couple of things that made this case a little difficult.The crime had not been reported until the following day."Oh, Amanda...," you know, or, you know, stuff like that. " VIVIAN THUNDERCLOUD, ADMINISTRATOR, WINNEBAGO TRIBAL COURT, WINNEBAGO TRIBE OF NEBRASKA: That's a very, you know, big step for a victim to come forward, because she has those many, you know, obstacles to face. AMANDA: Even though I was tired of talking, I was tired of facing this, you know, I just wanted to drop it all and be, like, "No, I'm done," you know.And, you know, "Snitch," you know, "She told on them." JILL FINKEN: These three were very good friends. And so they were good friends, and I don't think anybody wanted to rat on anybody. But I actually took the time out of my day to sit there and talk about it, you know.

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