What are your plans for dating me

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This is a massively important consideration in a relationship.

If necessary, you may decide to part ways as a result of conflicting desires about having or not having children. ” One of the major sources of tension in relationships revolves around money.

There is a difference between a nice guy and a good guy.

As our site states as its tagline, a good guy has “integrity, influence, and confidence to be successful at all things,” and that includes winning over the girl of his dreams.

Do they see a long-term committed relationship with you in the future?

While you should never ask this kind of question on the first date (or even on date #5), if a certain level of physical and emotional intimacy has been established, you owe it to yourself to pose the question.

For example, if the person you’re dating wants to quit their job in six months, travel the world, and work with the Peace Corp, that would be valuable information to know as soon as possible, wouldn’t it?

Or, if your potential partner hates his or her job but has no plans to make a change, you’ll have to decide if their career unhappiness will negatively affect you and your relationship in the future.

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