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Penelope assured me that though it may not be a city in Greece, which is where I would have liked to have gone, it was large and I was sure to find someone. She walked towards me then and pulled me into a tight embrace.

"Remember," she whispered in my ear, "you only have a short amount of time so use it wisely." Thinking back to the dead line that was given to me last week made me stiffen.

"I will." And with that I stepped out of her embrace and followed my friends through the portal to a land who had long since forgotten us.

Stepping through the portal was like stepping through a wall of cool, refreshing water. I felt a cool breeze surround me, and I enjoyed it. After a few more steps forward I started to see a light ahead.

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Why Penelope had led us here I did not know, but I trusted her. She was flipping through a stack of papers when we approached. Penelope hit a button with the number 43 and I could feel the room move upwards. Some sites may have dating coupon codes for their services so remember to use any that you find when you sign up for your membership to be sure you get the best rate.YOU ARE READING Fantasy Being the son of the God of all isn't easy, but when Hercules is faced with the ultimatum of finding a wife, things become even more complicated.They were so high that you had to look directly up to see the blue of the sky at all. She never did anything with out some sort of reasoning behind it. I watched as Penelope's deep chocolate brown eyes began to mist over. It wasn't long until the same expression was visible on the woman's face. But I knew that if Penelope wanted to see him so badly, all of us did.People were everywhere, and a foul oder hung in the air. The three of us had to keep up with a light jog, she moved so quickly. It was because of this that I was not worried about where she was taking us. We approached a lady sitting behind a rather large desk. It was long and swished back and forth when she moved. After a loaded moment of silence the man's voice came back through, "Come on up." Penelope led up to a set of sliding doors that opened to a small room.

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